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City Of Glass by Paul Auster hits the stage!

March 2, 2016

city of glass

Paul Auster’s City of Glass (the first of his New York Trilogy) has been adapted for the stage by writer/director Edward Einhorn and the Untitled Theater Company #61. The show is running until March 12th at the New Ohio (154 Christopher Street). You can buy tickets here or call 1-888-596-1027. For more information on the production, please click here.

5 STARS “Nothing short of astonishing.”—blogcritics

“Fine tuned and unrelenting…This atmospheric film noir episode tickles the brain, asks us to listen deeply and seeks to sew our fragments back together.”—NY Theater Guide

“This is a rave review…most of all we marvel at how brilliantly Einhorn, Honeywell, and the rest of the cast and production staff have teamed up to tell the tale.”—Berkshire Fine Arts

“I came away jangled and unsettled, shaken and moved”—nytheaternow

“City of Glass operates like a series of Russian Nesting Dolls concerning a mystery, with each doll hanging onto reality via a more tenuous string. It feels as if it were direct by Michael Curtiz on acid – and I mean that as a compliment.”—What’s on Off-Broadway

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