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Step Up Your Game: The Revolutionary Program Elite Athletes Use to Increase Performance and Achieve Total Health by Dr. Naresh C. Rao

February 17, 2016

Step Up your gameNaresh C. Rao is a sports and wellness medicine practitioner whose clients include Olympic and professional athletes, triathletes and weekend warriors. In Step Up Your Game, he reveals what separates elite athletes from the rest of us.

Elite athletes know that peak performance requires much more than consistent practice. Dr. Rao reveals a comprehensive program that addresses every aspect of optimizing wellness including nutrition, training, injury prevention, motivation, psychology and spirituality. While professional athletes have access to teams of experts that can address these needs, Dr. Rao shows readers how to be their own physician, physical therapist, trainer, dietician and spiritual advisor so that they may achieve athletic success.

Featuring more than forty illustrated exercises designed to improve flexibility, prevent injury and build strength and endurance, Step Up Your Game reveals how remarkable success is available to all athletes – no matter what their fitness level or sport. By integrating Dr. Rao’s program into an existing fitness routine, readers will take ownership of their their training, remove stress, and fully enjoy their exercise experience as they work to achieve their healthiest selves.

Naresh C. Rao is award-winning primary care sports medicine specialist who is board certified in family medicine and osteopathic manipulative treatment, and holds a Certificate of Added Qualifications in Sports Medicine. He is a partner at Sports Medicine at Chelsea, a premier multispecialty practice in the Flatiron District of New York City, the head physician of the USA men’s water polo team, and is on Team USA’s sports medicine team for the 2016 Summer Olympics.

“I know that it takes a village to raise an athlete. Athletes needs coaches, mentors, trainers, therapists, psychologists, and others for guidance and support. Step Up Your Game emphasizes the importance of the ‘entourage’ approach to training and helps get athletes ready for the starting line.” – Gwen Jorgensen, Olympic Triathlete, two-time ITU World Champion

Step Up Your Game is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and your local indie bookstore.

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