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121 First Dates by Wendy Newman

January 12, 2016

121-first-datesDating, sex, and relationship expert Wendy Newman recounts years of research as well as the intimate details of the 121 first dates she went on before finding her perfect match. In 121 First Dates, Wendy discusses how to date successfully and efficiently, avoid the most common dating pitfalls, have an amazing first date with anyone, end uncomfortable situations with grace, and much, much more. Just when you’re about to submit to a lifetime at home with a pint of Haagen-Dazs and sitcom reruns 121 First Dates’ humorous and hopeful approach will inspire you to continue dating until you find the right person for you.

Wendy Newman is a professional dating expert and sex educator. She has led hundreds of workshops in the U.S. and Canada and offers private coaching. Wendy finally found her life partner after 121 first dates. They live together in San Francisco.

You can keep up with the author via her website to learn more about her upcoming book tour.

You can buy 121 First Dates at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and your local indie bookstore.

Praise for 121 First Dates:

“Sadly, the normal process of dating usually robs women of our most attractive, fall-in-love-with qualities: self-confidence, authenticity, and passion. Wendy Newman is out to change all that with a delightful wit, compassion, and humor. The judgment-free zone located within the pages of 121 First Dates playfully guides women through the dating process, while granting them the freedom and permission to find what they truly need in a relationship.”–Alison Armstrong, author of The Queen’s Code
“[Wendy Newman’s] comprehensive guide is for women of all ages who range from tired of dating to eager to get back out there again. VERDICT Sound advice in the form of what to do and what not to do.”­–Library Journal




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