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Younger Next Year: The Exercise Program

December 16, 2015

YNY exerciseThe definitive exercise book that the one-million-plus readers of the Younger Next Year® series have been waiting for. Based on research that proves that a combination of aerobics and strength fitness can turn back our biological clocks, Younger Next Year: The Exercise Program takes the intimidation out of starting a new workout routine.

This book combines essential pointers from the New York Times Bestseller Younger Next Year with cutting-edge workouts from Thinner This Year. By following the routines in this book, readers will acquire strength, confidence, endurance and vibrancy. The book introduces the revolutionary 10-minute warm-up to maintain ankle, shoulder and hip mobility; tips on adopting the best workout for you; guidance on how to get fit quicker with intervals; the importance of “whole-body” strength training and “rebooting the core”; plus, the Twenty-Five Sacred Exercises that will be the foundation for your strength-training routine for life.

Chris Crowley is Dr. Lodge’s 80-year-old patient—the relentless drum-beater for YOUNGER NEXT YEAR and the living proof that Harry’s Rules work: It is possible to turn back the biological clock.

Henry S. Lodge, MD, FACP, a board-certified internist, is listed variously as “One of the Best Doctors in New York/America/the World.” He heads a 20-doctor practice in Manhattan and is the Robert Burch Family Professor of Medicine at Columbia University Medical Center.

Younger Next Year: The Exercise Program can be found at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and your local indie bookstore.

Praise for the Younger Next Year Series:

“An extraordinary book . . . it is easy to read, the science is right, and if one follows Henry Lodge’s and Chris Crowley’s recommendations, both mental and physical aging can be delayed. I wish my patients would follow their advice.”
— K. Craig Kent, M.D., chief of vascular surgery, New York–Presbyterian Hospital

“Harry’s Rules will change your life.”
— Memet Oz, M.D., coauthor, YOU: The Owner’s Manual

“One long, exuberant New Year’s resolution.”
— The New York Times

“Brain-rattling, irresistible, hilarious. If you’re up for it… [this book] could change your life.”
— The Washington Post

“A high-octane approach to keeping lean, fit, and active as we age.”
— Peter Scardino, M.D., Department of Urology, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

“An extraordinary book. It is easy to read and the science is right.” —K. Craig Kent, M.D., chief of vascular surgery, New York–Presbyterian Hospital




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