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The Scarlet Letter Scandal by Mary T. McCarthy

November 10, 2015


The ladies of The Scarlet Letter Society are back in Mary T. McCarthy’s The Scarlet Letter Scandal.

Society founders Maggie, Lisa and Eva find themselves in the middle of a neighborhood controversy when an anonymous blogger begins to expose their indiscretions. When the blog posts link them to a secret swingers’ club, their risk of exposure is at an all time high.

Outspoken neighbors with secrets of their own attempt to unmask the members of The Scarlet Letter Society and the underground club, forcing the women to put their meetings on hold to protect their identities. If the ladies are discovered it could ruin everything–Maggie is starting to settle down with a partner, Lisa’s husband never knew about her “cheaters club,” and Eva’s love life is a wreck. Maggie, Lisa and Eva must rely on spouses, lovers and each other in order to protect everything they care about. The Scarlet Letter Scandal continues one of the hottest, funniest, and most salacious new romance series on the market.

Mary T. McCarthy is the bestselling author of The Scarlet Letter Society and an accomplished journalist. She has worked for The Washington Post, The Philadelphia Inquirer and the Baltimore Sun. She founded in 2008 and writes and edits at She is a contributor at and an instructor at The Writer’s Center in Washington, DC.

You can find Mary via her website, Pajamas and Coffee; on Twitter, @MaryMac; and on Facebook. And check out her upcoming events here.

Praise for The Scarlet Letter Society series:
“In the tradition of Candace Bushnell and Jackie Collins, McCarthy has created a novel filled with razor-sharp social commentary and irresistibly dynamic, complex characters. At turns hilarious, scathing and seductive, THE SCARLET LETTER SOCIETY is not to be missed!”
—Kyra Davis, New York Times bestselling author of JUST ONE NIGHT

“I really was genuinely blown away by this breathtaking book. The author cleverly references classic tomes which deal with the concept of faithfulness…Fantastically written, beautifully plotted with warm, feisty and inspiring characters, this is definitely one to recommend to a friend.”
—Chick Lit Club

“Marymac delivers an amazing first novel in The Scarlet Letter Society and we can only hope that a sequel isn’t far behind. If you are one of the lucky ones who has the luxury to read a book once in a while, you will not want to miss this pulse racing, body tingling (maybe have your vibrators at the ready) tale of love, loss and the pursuit of an orgasm.”
—Falling Up The Stairs

“It feels like Pop Rocks going off in the pleasure center of your brain.”
—Splice Today

“If you’re looking for a fast read with a healthy dose of zip-less, snap-less, button-less, velcro-less sexcapades, all delivered with brazen, bawdy brio, then pick up (or download) Mary McCarthy’s The Scarlet Letter Society.”

The Scarlet Letter Scandal can be found at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and your local indie bookstore.

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