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When Kids Call the Shots by Sean Grover

June 3, 2015

For parents who have lost control of their bossy kids, returning balance to the relationship can feel like an impossible task. In WHEN KIDS CALL THE SHOTS, therapist and parenting expertScreen Shot 2015-05-12 at 9.49.58 AM Sean Grover explains the source of this unhealthy dynamic and how to right it. As parenting struggles often erupt from issues on both sides of the relationship, Grover’s unique approach requires not simply fixing the child, but also fixing yourself. By pinpointing your child’s behavior type (defiant, manipulative, anxious) as well as your parenting type (guilt-prone, anxiety-fueled, fix-everything) you can create a personalized plan for calmly exerting authority in any scenario and make parenting a pleasure again.

Sean Grover, LCSW, is a psychotherapist with 20 years’ experience working with adults and children, and he maintains one of the largest private group therapy practices in the United States. He has designed award-winning youth programs and has been quoted in Newsweek, New York Magazine, NPR, and elsewhere about parent-child relationships. He lives in New York City. For information on parenting workshops, articles, and videos, or to contact Sean, visit

Praise for When Kids Call the Shots:

“Psychotherapist Grover pulls no punches in this parenting manual…[his] empowering, motivating approach is highly compassionate to suffering, burnt-out parents…”
-Publishers Weekly

“A breath of fresh air in a world of endless ‘how to’ parenting books.”
–Jerry Finkelstein, Ph.D., Director, The New School Counseling Center

“Inspired and practical thinking by one of the finest therapists in the field.”
–Marianne Pearl, author of A Mighty Heart and In Search of Hope

When Kids Call the Shots can be found at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and your local indie bookstore.

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