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The Radiance Sutras by Lorin Roche

August 5, 2014

9781604076592In his new book The Radiance Sutras, PhD Lorin Roche presents his fresh perspective on each of the 112 Sanskrit teachings, along with his unique guidance in how to meditate with, embody, and practice them—all through what he describes as “answering the call of the sutras you love.”

Through this text, yoga and meditation students alike can nurture their own personal relationships with these living wisdom teachings. Through a warm exploration of the divinity of one’s own body, the alchemical power of Sanskrit, yoga meditation, and the depth of one’s connection to the energies of life, The Radiance Sutras encourages the reader to reconnect with both themselves as well as the ancient Sanskrit practice. Roche has both studied and practiced meditation for over 40 years and developed his own approach called “Instinctive Meditation”—there are few people more versed in the topic of Sanskrit, meditation, and yoga.


“If you are wild and longing for a more profound experience of love, this book is the perfect companion and teacher. If you’re afraid to explore the inner reaches of your heart but long for that freedom, you can trust the magnificent journey The Radiance Sutras offer. You will be blessed by this book-it will forever change you in the most positive, surprising ways.” – Judith Orloff, MD, author of The Ecstasy of Surrender


“Lorin Roche’s poetic renderings of the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra are a gift to anyone who loves the inner world. They arise from the currents of his own meditation, grounded in deep practice. These verses can draw light into your sitting practice and shed wisdom into your days. Keep this book by your bed, hold its inspiration in your heart, and let these verses pulse through your life with the radiance of the tantric revelation.” – Sally Kempton, author of Meditation for the Love of It and Awakening Shakti


“The most inspiring rendering of the Vijnana Bhairava I have ever encountered. Juicy, hip, intelligent, and the best companion for your daily life. We all need daily reminders to ‘celebrate the boundary where body meets infinity.'” -Margot Anand, author of The Art of Everyday Ecstasy


The Radiance Sutras is available from Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and your local indie bookstore.

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