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The Scarlet Letter Society by Mary McCarthy

June 26, 2014


What do you call women who cheat on their husbands?
Liars? Adulteresses? MILFs?
Debut novelist Mary McCarthy has another idea: The Scarlet Letter Society. But Maggie, Eva, and Lisa—the book’s leading ladies—aren’t exactly reminiscent of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Hester Prynne. Rather than shamefully proclaiming their infidelity with big red letters, they meet monthly to discuss their adventures along with books and music of their choosing. We follow them on a year-long journey as they each seek emotional and sexual fulfillment in less than traditional ways. A fast-paced, hilarious, and steamy read, this book manages not only to entertain but also to provide subtle social commentary, leaving readers questioning the gendered expectations that saturate our culture.
The Scarlet Letter Society was released today, June 26th, by Polis Books. The title will be a featured Nook First title the week of June 30th, so keep an eye out on the Barnes & Noble website! Plus, she’s written an article for B&N’s Nook First blog to accompany the novel’s release entitled “Sex Scenes Are Hard” (first line: “I know, it would have been better to say ‘difficult,’ but I couldn’t resist.”).

You can order The Scarlet Letter Society on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iTunes, and you can keep up with Mary on her blog, Pajamas & Coffee, and on Twitter.

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