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Enhancing Your Executive Edge By Kim Zoller and Kerry Preston

June 13, 2014

edgeYour technical skills may get you the job, but your interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence will get you the promotion. In Enhancing Your Executive Edge, Kim Zoller and Kerry Preston provide the specific tools you need to make the jump from middle or upper management to an executive-level position. It’s not about being among the standouts in a company. It’s about being the standout.

Zoller and Preston emphasize the importance of self-awareness in relationships with colleagues, clients, and executives—including first impressions, body language, and strategic communication. Competence, passion, and hard work open doors. But when you’re going for the very top spot, the competition increases exponentially—so you need to differentiate yourself. This book is designed to help you develop that special quality few people possess. Set yourself apart and offer value where the competition doesn’t by enhancing your executive edge.

“A must-read lesson in how to succeed in today’s global marketplace.” – Radha Arora, president of Rosewood Hotels & Resorts

“Kim and Kerry are committed to helping you build your brand and interactions with others. This book offers the path to building your executive edge.” – John Roth, vice president of sales, service, and marketing at General Motors

“If you’re not getting the results you want by focusing only on your technical skills, it is time to give your executive edge a boost. Zoller and Preston take us through strategies to lead successfully.” – Ann Adams, director of management development at Mattel, Inc.

Enhancing Your Executive Edge is available from Barnes & Noble and Amazon and your local indie bookstore

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