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Paris Letters by Janice MacLeod

March 12, 2014

coverExhausted and on the verge of a burnout, Janice Macleod asks herself exactly how much money will it take for her to quit her job. With a little math and a lot of determination, she decides to buy herself two years of freedom in Europe. In Paris, she falls in love with a butcher who can’t speak a bit of English. Through a combination of sign language and franglais, they embark on a whirlwind romance and Janice becomes set on making this love affair in Paris her happily ever after.

She soon realizes that she can never return to the world of twelve-hour workdays and greasy corporate lingo. But her dwindling savings force her to find a way to fund her dreams again. So Janice turns to her three loves—words, art, and Christophe—to figure out a way to make her happily-ever-after in Paris last forever.
Through her personal letters Janice tells a story that is both touching and inspiring. She allows her readers a deeply personal look into her life in Paris, her adventures, and her romantic liaisons with one certain butcher.                                                                                                                        `

Praise for Paris Letters:

“Inspiration for others longing for adventure … A romantic romp from Santa Monica to Paris with loads of advice on how to live minimally and take risks in life and love.” – Kirkus


“Written as though to best friend telling her story over lattes-or café crème. Relatable and inspiring … cleverly crafted with wit and unexpected wisdom.” – New York Journal of Books
“Charming … How memorist Janice MacLeod rewrote her life story, one gorgeously illustrated letter at a time.” – Flare Magazine
“Aspirational fiction? No, a true story to inspire similar dreamers out there.” – National Geographic’s “Intelligent Travel”

Paris Letters is available now from Amazon, Barnes and Noble and your local indie bookstore.

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