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Sell More with Sales Coaching by Peri Shawn

October 22, 2013

18351339Interested in selling more, better, sooner, and more often? Sell More with Sales Coaching: Practical Solutions for Your Everyday Sales Challenges by Peri Shawn will help you get there without unnecessary changes to your technology, processes or workforce. By targeting specific mistakes made by salesmen from forgetting why people buy to missing prospects’ buying cues, Shawn’s method takes the dramatics out of sales coaching. She emphasizes easy, targeted improvements, rather than grand restructuring. The book focuses on getting results by mastering the following skills integral to good sales coaching: assessing team members’ sales capabilities, catering coaching to individuals, identifying the most common sales mistakes, coaching how to avoid those mistakes, and improving the quality of conversations both with clients and within the team.

Endorsed by countless authors and business professionals including bestselling author, Marshall Goldsmith, Sell More With Sales Coaching presents the newest, easiest ways to coach your sales team in order to ensure high revenues and performance. Shawn’s book includes everything you need: assessment, tools, and exercises in order to improve sales results, team morale and employee retention.

Peri Shawn is an author, speaker and leadership coach with countless years experience teaching and researching sales coaching.  She has developed groundbreaking proprietary tools that demonstrate how trust affects performance, management and the client experience. Sell More With Sales Coaching passes along the expertise and method she has honed after years of working with clients and salesman alike.

To learn how to sell more and sell better, check out Sell More With Sales Coaching: Practical Solutions for Your Everyday Sales Challenges available at, Barnes & Noble, or your local indie bookstore.

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