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Daddy Long Legs: The Natural Education of a Father

May 28, 2013

imagesDaddy Long Legs: The Natural Education of a Father is a heartwarming and  funny memoir about an Iowa father who re- examines his life after a heart attack at the age of 39.  Over the past several years, John Price struggled to support his family and became increasingly cynical about the natural world. After his grandmother announces her impending death, Price wonders how he will cope. Under the influence of his young sons, he begins enforcing the “No Kill Zone”, which means that nothing can be killed within the bounds of the Price house or yard. This rule applies to spiders, crickets, worms, and, of course, daddy long legs. By working to preserve the lives of creatures that many people disdain, Price is able to rediscover his love for the land, his family, and his life. Using his characteristic wit and humor, John Price writes masterfully about the trials and triumphs of fatherhood, creepy-crawlers, and hope.

John Price is the award winning author of two previous books, Man Killed by Pheasant and Other Kinships  and Not Just Any Land. He teaches creative writing and literature at the University of Nebraska at Omaha and lives with his wife and three boys in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

“John Price has a precious ability to distill-gently, scrupulously-the heroism and beauty from his ordinary life in an ordinary place in the middle of America. Daddy Long Legs is an everyman’s tale demonstrating the upside of Tolstoy’s famous line: happy families are all alike. Thank goodness for gifted storytellers who can depict the good luck and hard work of being a member of one of these families.” – Kurt Anderson, author of True Believers and host of Studio 360

“Like America’s best essayists-think E.B. White-John Price’s side-splitting stories about his family develop in their own time into heart-rending reflections on living and dying, and why living must be whole-hearted if it is to be anything at all, and why dying can be as beautiful as an emerging moth.” – Kathleen Dean Moore, author of Wild Comfort

“This gentle, ingenuous, and funny memoir of a flawed father is as Midwestern as the Loess Hills, and as universal as family itself. From worms to wings, mantids to spiders, dads to kids, John Price parses the natural history of a human family in all its mortality and wider habitat as well as anyone I’ve read in years.” Robert Michael Pyle, author of The Thunder Tree and Mariposa Road

Daddy Long Legs can be found at Barnes & Noble,, and your local Indie bookstore

Read more about John T. Price on his website

Samantha Brown

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