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The Genius in Every Child

January 9, 2013

ackerlyIn The Genius in Every Child, renowned educator and teaching coach Rick Ackerly explains how to find and nurture your child’s individual strength and character.

The Genius Rick refers to does not confine itself to academic achievement, but rather focuses on nurturing every child’s spirit. Rick believes every mistake is an opportunity to learn, and every child can find their own genius if they are given the proper tools.

Rick Ackerly is a nationally recognized educator and speaker with 45 years of experience working in and for schools. He has served as headmaster of four independent schools and has been a consultant and coach to teachers, school leaders and parents for many years.

“In his remarkable book, Rick Ackerly shows how a focus on character, curiosity, and creativity at a young age lights the path to a successful life…The heartfelt examples in this book show how parents and teachers build self-worth and confidence in children when they allow them to take on challenges, to learn form disappointment, and to take responsibility. When we partner with our children’s genius or inner spark, we create conditions for success.” —Madeline Levine, PhD

“Ackerly writes convincingly about important conversations in today’s world of education and parenting.” – Marilyn Price-Mitchell, Ph.D.

The Genius in Every Child is available now from Barnes & Noble,, and your local indie bookstore.

-Samantha Harrison

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