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Its Head Came Off By Accident

January 9, 2013

Muffy Mead-FerroIn Muffy Mead-Ferro’s poignant memoir, Its Head Came Off by Accident, readers are given an intimate look at farm life in the West.  Mead-Ferro vividly describes her life spent with her two brothers working on the family ranch in Wyoming and offers a moving and personal impression of her mother, Mary, a true “ranch wife.” Eight years after Mary dies in a horse accident, Mead and her brothers sell the portion of the family ranch that belonged to her mother, each turning the proceeds into ranches of their own, proving that “you can go home again” (Publishers Weekly).

“This wonderful memoir is poignant, intelligent, and often laugh-out-loud funny . . . [the book] is a call to action. . . Mead’s resonate storytelling reminds us of how important it is to find ways to give these gifts to our children–and to ourselves.” — Teresa Jordan

“[Mead-Ferro] beautifully chronicles the colorful history of her family and the land.” – Publishers Weekly

Its Head Came Off By Accident is available now from Barnes & Noble,, and your local indie bookstore.

-Maddie Bourque

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