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Harvesting the Bay

July 13, 2012

ImageIn his book Harvesting The Bay – Fathers, Sons and the Last of the Wild Shellfisherman Ray Huling creates a vivid and moving representation of the lives of the men and women of Rhode Island who work within the historic Narragansett Shellfishing industry. Huling, whose family have been shellfishermen in this area for generations, describes this hard working community with a passion only possible of someone whose entire life has been shaped by the industry. Along with his moving depiction of the lives of the shellfisherman, Huling deals with the complex issue of keeping this 150 year old industry sustainable and his family history alive. Rhode Island’s Future called Harvesting The Bay “a celebration of the shellfisherman.”

Ray Huling’s family has worked in the Narragansett shellfishing industry for generations. He has used his experience of the industry to write extensively on the marine affairs of Rhode Island. He has also written for online magazines on the topics of new media and entertainment. Huling graduated from New York University’s School of Journalism and was a Fellow in the Reynolds Program in Social Entrepreneurship.

Ray Huling will be reading from Harvesting the Bay followed by a discussion and signing at Books On The Square in Providence, RI on July 14th at 4pm. Buy your copy today at Barnes & Noble or your local indie bookstore.

-Lydia Blyfield

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