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Your Best Face Now

May 2, 2012

ImageWhat if you could give yourself a free facelift in the comfort of your own home? In Your Best Face Now, licensed acupuncturist Shellie Goldstein conquers the notion that you need diamond-infused creams or needles of paralytic bacteria to look years younger. Outlining her signature acupressure system that can be done in just 20 minutes a day, Shellie promises to show you how to lift sagging facial muscles, erase fine lines, and reduce wrinkles.

Shellie’s technique is based on the tenet of Chinese medicine that outer beauty is a reflection of internal health. The system includes both muscle massage exercises and diets to boost individual organ health. Her clients include Martha Stewart and Roseanne Cash, and they rave about Goldstein’s system:

“I have seen excellent results from her anti-aging and skin rejuvenation therapies.”

Diane Kraus, M.D., President of the New York State Ophthalmological Society

“This is the medicine and beauty ritual of the future….nothing compares to what Shellie does.” – Rosanne Cash, musician and songwriter

Shellie Goldstein is one of the top skincare professionals in Manhattan and the Hamptons. She is licensed in acupuncture in New York and Florida, has a master’s degree in biology and nutrition, and is nationally certified in Chinese herbology.

 Your Best Face Now is available from Barnes & Noble and your local indie bookstore. For more on Shellie, visit her website.

-Darcy Berenberg

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