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Soldier Dogs

March 16, 2012

When news broke of the raid that ended the life of Osama bin Laden, there was an explosion of interest in the canine member of the Navy SEALs team. In Soldier Dogs, Maria Goodavage offers an unprecedented view of the relationship between military working dogs and their handlers. Drawing on Goodavage’s boots-on-the-ground reporting, her contacts in the Department of Defense, interviews with military men and women, and the leading science of canine cognition, Soldier Dogs provides a unique glimpse into America’s canine heroes.

For more on Soldier Dogs, check out Goodavage’s appearance today on Morning Joe, or read an excerpt here. You can also view the book trailer, visit the website, and listen to an interview.

“[A] highly recommended book if you have the slightest interest in military working dogs. A must read–I say again must read–book if you have ever served anywhere they’ve had paws on the ground.” – David Reeder,

“Goodavage uncovers how these dogs are procured and trained to become field-specialized, and she impartially addresses the conflicting ethics of employing canines in battle . . . A well-deserved salute to the military’s ‘paws-on-the-ground heroes.'” – Kirkus Reviews 

Maria Goodavage is the news editor and a featured writer at and has been a reporter for USA Today and the San Francisco Chronicle. She is a founding editor of The Dog Lover’s Companion national guidebook series and author of The Dog Lover’s Companion to California and The Dog Lover’s Companion to the San Francisco Bay Area. You can find her on Facebook and Twitter.

Soldier Dogs is available now from Barnes & Noble,, and your local indie bookstore.

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