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Animals Behaving Badly

November 11, 2011

Penguins may look like gentlemen, but their rampant promiscuity is uncouth, to say the least! In Animals Behaving

Badly: Boozing Bees, Cheating Chimps, Dogs with Guns, and Other Beastly True Tales, zookeeper and writer Linda Lombardi reveals some of the most shocking stories about the lower creatures since a dingo ate that baby. Who knew that kangaroos and marmosets can reach their own penis with their mouths, or that bees tend to dance more after taking cocaine? Disco is over, bees!

“This book is educational, hilarious, and it makes me wish it was legal to participate in cage fighting with an endangered species.”

– MATTHEW INMAN, creator of and author of 5 Very Good Reasons to Punch a Dolphin in the Mouth

“A veritable cavalcade of badly behaved beasts. I couldn’t keep my paws off it.”

– DANNY BECK, a.k.a. Sir Pilkington Smythe, esq.,

“Lombardi may be the anti-cute-and-fuzzy. Her book rightfully reminds us of animals’ true, often cantankerous, horny, and self-serving natures.”

– JENNIFER HOLLAND, author of Unlikely Friendships

Are you wishing for well behaved pets this holiday season- no drinking from the Christmas tree, no jumping on your mother-in-law? Well, tough. Santa’s not real. But if your gender-and-species-neutral parenting ethos requires that the pets get a present, know that dogs don’t have the sense of irony to appreciate fair isle sweaters. Instead, take Linda’s advice on holiday gifts for the animals.

Also, listen in to Linda’s interview on National Geographic Weekend with Boyd Matson.  Creatures this unruly haven’t hit the radio waves since they spotted that sea monster in Lake Wobegon!

LINDA LOMBARDI grew up in the Bronx playing with plastic animals. As an adult, she gave up a tenured position as a college professor to take a zookeeping job. She has served as the pets and animals columnist for the Associated Press and authored the mystery, The Sloth’s Eye.

Animals Behaving Badly is available in paperback and e-Book at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and Indiebound.

– James Ramsay

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