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Suburgatory: Twisted Tales from Darkest Suburbia

October 25, 2011

Suburgatory: Twisted Tales from Darkest Suburbia

By Linda Erin Keenan

 After seven years in New York City as a CNN producer, Linda Keenan migrated to the land of tiger moms, breastfeeding Nazis, and frustrated swingers. This is Suburgatory, where sodded lawns and sprayed-on tans are kept immaculate but circumcision and vaccines are blasphemies against nature. In these satirical “news stories,” whose title inspired the ABC sitcom, Keenan reveals the painfully funny idiosyncracies of the upper middle class, from gourmet dog food to ironic trips to Wal-Mart. Perhaps there’s something unsettling about settling down.

“Linda Keenan is the smartest, sassiest girl you know times ten, after two shots of tequila. Her brazen, ballsy look at life in the suburbs is more than laugh out loud- Suburgatory will make you shoot milk out of your nose, then immediately re-up the lease on your townhouse in the city.”

Karen Karbo, author of The Gospel According to Coco Chanel and How Georgia Became O’Keeffe

 “What life might be like if Sarah Silverman moved to the burbs. A sexy, saucy, hilarious romp.”

Bill Diehl, ABC Entertainment Correspondent

 “‘Hilarious.’ ‘Insightful.’ ‘Genius.’ People are always saying these words to me. Now, finally, I can say them about someone else: specifically whoever wrote this book. Linda somebody.”

Robert Carlock, Executive Producer of NBC’s 30 Rock

 “Wow this book’s hilarious but it’s so edgy, blurbing it might get me in trouble.”

Anonymous Top Network News Producer

 Linda Erin Keegan spent seven years as a CNN senior producer/head-writer for top anchors including Anderson Cooper, Aaron Brown, Willow Bay, Stuart Varney, and Lou Dobbs. Before that she was at Bloomberg TV. Her first-person essays have appeared in the Boston Globe Magazine and the Huffington Post.

Suburgatory is available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Post by James Ramsay

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