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Madboy: My Journey from Adboy to Adman

October 17, 2011

Madboy: My Journey from Adboy to Adman is a bold memoir that capitalizes on capitalism itself. Richard Kirshenbaum is the voice behind the tales of the Long Island native who aspires to make it big in advertizing on Madison Avenue. His no-connection, humble beginnings pave the way for a series of gutsy career moves – one of which, in 1987 at the age of 26, lands him a start-up firm with partner Jonathan Bond that becomes the premiere ad agency within a year. Kirshenbaum writes both with quick wit and sincerity, shameless admitting to being the man behind mini-ad stickers on fruit, spray-painted campaigns on sidewalks, and Andy Warhol Pontiac campaigns.

“Kirshenbaum’s bracing, often ribald humor carries right through the page and onto the sidewalk, where he stenciled such ads as that for Bamboo Lingerie: ‘From here it looks like you could use some new underwear.’ A shimmering piece of work, in which the flash illuminates the creative act.” – Kirkus Review

“A thrilling and irreverent memoir about the transformation of the advertising business from the 1980s to today.” – Open Road Media

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