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Your Children are Listening: Nine Messages They Need to Hear from You

October 14, 2011

In Your Children are Listening: Nine messages They Need to Hear from You, psychologist/author Dr. Jim Taylor, PhD, writes that, “children become the messages they hear the most.” As a guide for parents, he provides methods to be better understood and minimize room for misinterpretation. As children grow, they integrate harmful messages from peers and popular culture. Readers will understand how to immunize that effect by promoting healthy messages of love, competence, security, compassion, gratitude, nature, respect, responsibility, and emotion to their children.

“In a world where children are surrounded by negative messages, Dr. Jim. Taylor gives parents the tools they need to effectively communicate healthy, positive messages that will infuse their children’s hearts, minds, and souls.” – Michelle LaRowe, author of A Mom’s Ultimate Book of Lists, Working Mom’s 411, and the Nanny to the Rescue! series

“Dr. Jim Taylor’s strengths are his compassionate voice, his insights into parents’ and children’s psyches, and his ‘boots on the ground’ approach to helping parents send healthy messages to their children. In a world filled with harmful messages, Your Children are Listening will resonate with all.” – Michele Borba, Ed.D., author of Parents Do Make a Difference and The Big Book of Parenting

Jim Taylor, PhD, has authored 11 books, including Positive Pushing: How to Raise a Successful and Happy Child, appears frequently on network television, and blogs on parenting for and other prominent websites. He is the father of two daughters. Visit him at

Your Children are Listening is available on

– Augi Lopez

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