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Paul Auster’s Latest Hits Shelves

November 29, 2010

Paul Auster’s latest novel, Sunset Park, was released this month to broad acclaim as well as an appearance on the New York Times extended bestseller list. Here is a sampling of what critics have said so far:

“As always with the entrancing and ambushing Auster, every element is saturated with implication as each wounded, questing character’s story illuminates our tragic flaws and profound need for connection, coherence, and beauty. In a time of daunting crises and change, Auster reminds us of lasting things, of love, art, and ‘the miraculous strangeness of being alive.'” – Booklist, *Starred Review*

“As remarkable as are Auster’s skill and experience, this kind of writing – this kind of ending – takes another, rarer attribute: tremendous courage.” – The Seattle Times

Sunset Park brings us a new Paul Auster, shifting from the intellectually exhilarating, elevating realms of metafiction and postmodern detective fiction to a story grounded in the potent emotions of love, loss, regret and vengeance, and the painful reality of current-day calamities like evictions and bankruptcies . . . Auster fans and newcomers will find in Sunset Park his usual beautifully nuanced prose and his unerring sense of structuring a story for dramatic intensity. This time around, his storylines converge in a tremendous crash bang of an ending.” – NPR

“A haymaker of a contemporary American novel, realistic and serious as your life . . . It feels strongly connected not only to the anxieties of our age but the primordial ones, too.” – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Sunset Park is available now from Barnes & Noble,, and of course, your local indie bookstore.

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