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Walking Papers by Francesco Clark

October 21, 2010

Francesco Clark’s life was changed forever by a diving accident. Paralyzed from the neck down, his doctors told him he would be unable to even breathe without assistance. Determined to prove them wrong, Francesco embarked upon an ambitious training program that delivered incredible results. He also developed a line of skincare products with his father, Dr. Harold Clark. Clark’s Botanicals were designed to combat the skin problems caused by the damage to Francesco’s nervous system, which made him unable to sweat.

In Walking Papers: The Accident That Changed My Life, and the Business that Got Me Back on My Feet (Hyperion, 2010), Francesco tells the story of his accident, his incredible recovery, and the work he’s doing now. In addition to his work with Clark’s Botanicals, Francesco is also an ambassador for The Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of Clark’s Botanicals products goes to support the foundation’s efforts to cure spinal cord injury.

Francesco is pictured here (third from left) in PW’s Picture of the Day for June 11 at a celebration for the release of Walking Papers, hosted by Harper’s Bazaar and the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation. Also pictured (left to right) are fashion designer Narciso Rodriguez, Harper’s Bazaar editor-in-chief Glenda Bailey, fashion editor Mary Alice Stephenson, model Maggie Rizer, and Hyperion president and publisher Ellen Archer.

Photo credit: Kristen Somody Whalen

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