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Somebody Else’s Century by Patrick Smith

October 21, 2010

In Somebody Else’s Century: East and West in a Post-Western World, veteran journalist and author Patrick Smith investigates the evolving cultures of China, Japan, and India, and their complex relationships with the West. Smith, a foreign correspondent in Asia for nearly thirty years, draws on his unique vantage point as an American in the East as well as his extensive knowledge of history and current events to present a nuanced take on how relationships between East and West will continue to evolve.

“Thoroughly absorbing . . . Smith uses his own stories, earned from living and writing in Asia for many years, while expertly augmenting his theory with the history of how Asia abandoned its own rich, ancient identity with the arrival of ‘Western things.’ The writing is more poetic in tone than political, a gentle hand-holding, guiding readers from past to present.” – Minneapolis Star Tribune

“Because of his gift for seeing history in the round and for entertaining contradictions, Smith seems more in tune with the continent than many a Westerner . . . A gift-box of suggestions, it could push thinking about Asia into a deeper dimension.” – Time

Somebody Else’s Century is now available from Barnes and Noble,, and, of course, your local indie bookstore.

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