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This is a Soul

October 20, 2010

In 2008, Marilyn Berger traveled to Ethiopia to research the life and work of Dr. Rick Hodes, who has spent nearly thirty years caring for the sick in Africa. The result, This Is a Soul: The Mission of Rick Hodes, tells of Rick’s journey from the suburbs to Mother Teresa’s mission in Addis Ababa, where he provides lifesaving surgeries and treatments for dangerously ill children, and has formally and informally adopted many of these children.

Marilyn learned to recognize the signs of potentially fatal conditions, such as spinal tuberculosis, from her time spent with Rick. When she encountered a young boy begging in the street and noticed the extreme curvature of his spine, she knew that Rick could help him. That boy, Danny Hodes, has made an amazing recovery, and Marilyn has since taken him into her home in New York. This Is a Soul is the unforgettable account of how Rick’s story intertwines with Marilyn’s and with Danny’s, and shows just how much of a difference one person can make.

To read more about Marilyn’s life with Danny, click here for a profile from The New York Times. An excerpt from the book is available on GMA’s books page. This Is a Soul is available at Barnes and Noble,, and, of course, your local indie bookstore.

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