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Profits Aren’t Everything, or Are They?

September 20, 2009

Profits Arent't Everything, They're the Only ThingGeorge Cloutier, dubbed the “Turnaround Ace” by BusinessWeek, is No. 15 on the NYT Hardcover Advice Bestseller list and No. 8 on the Wall Street Journal Hardcover Business Bestseller list with his new book Profits Aren’t Everything, They’re the Only Thing (Harper Business, Sep 2009). Now more than ever, small business owners need a reality check, and Cloutier delivers just that: 15 no-nonsense, tough-love maxims that won’t go down easy, but will help any open-minded entrepreneur get back on track and stay in the black in any economic environment. Among his controversial (yet proven!) Profit Rules: “Teamwork Is vastly overrated” and “The best family business has one member.” This is essential reading and a long- overdue wake-up call for the 23 million small- and midsize business owners across America. Visit Cloutier’s website to view a clip of him in action.

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